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Dec 7, 2012 11:30am PST
a comment. >> commissioner torres. >> first of all i never believed the hit pieces against you commissioner olague. >> thank you. >> and the man that defeated carter thought redwood trees caused pollutions and number three i don't think the staff is naive and to suggest that is inappropriate. they have been working very hard in this effort -- >> i -- >> i'm not talking about you. i am talking general in response. i believe the process is organic and i believe they do take into consideration every input as possible and this process and i know the chair and the other members of the commission know is not over yet. it is still evolving and that is an important element to put out there. this process is still evolving and organ and i can need continued input to whatever surveys and approaches we take are reflective of those issues and the other issue raised is san franciscans should be doing outreach in this support and i can't support that more than enough because it's always my experience that sometimes we bring in outside forces -- not that we have here, but outside forces that don't know
Dec 12, 2012 12:00pm PST
man suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres faced charges in three other kidnapping crimes and cbs 5 reporter anne makovec with the lamar supporters who wanted to see the suspect in court today. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres was arraigned on additional charges today but so far has not entered a plea. >> yes, i do, your honor. >> reporter: those were some of the few words the defendant spoke today accused in the alleged murder kidnapping of missing morgan hill teen sierra lamar. he is also now charged with trying to kidnap three women in 2009 all from safeway park lots in the morgan hill area. a small team of sierra supporters came to the hearing this morning to see the suspect face to face. >> you hear the chains like last time and it's come on, buddy, come out. stop being such a coward. >> reporter: 21-year-old garcia- torres looked different than the last time he was photographed. his hair is longer and his goatee trimmed. he was arrested on may 22 in connection with lamar's disappearance. she was last seen going to a bus stop on the morning
Dec 3, 2012 11:00am PST
talking about what commissioner torres raised in the code of conduct with pg&e. we saw during the 2010 prop 16 attack on the clean energy programs and community choice in california that it didn't matter that pg&e didn't use rate payer funds they were able to argue that entire $46 million plus campaign was funded by their stockholders, so they are going to run a multi-million dollar robust campaign in san francisco against this program, and it looks like their plan to roll out the 100% green project hits about the same time we roll this out at the end of 2013. i think that's the timeline for them, and it's very important to note that if we go forward prematurely with a marketing plan that is not based on good robust outreach to people of color, low income communities, people of different languag seniors and also based on the 10, 11-dollar premium w pg&e electric is offering $6 the consumer is not going to understand and yeah that is cheaper but ours is better and to the consumer that is coke and pepsi and coke is six bucks and we cost 11 bucks and coke is pg&e the customer is going to
Dec 29, 2012 5:00am PST
determinado la causa de muerte de tommy torres, cuyo cuerpo sin vida fue encontrado en san juan, se espera por resultados de autopsia, mientras limpiaba la vivienda, torres agradeció las muestras de cariño en estos momentos tan dificiles >> los admiradores de jenni rivera podrán seguir disfrutando de su música, el padre de la diva de la banda, dijo que lanzarán un disco en inglés grabado hace 8 años, con esto se cumple uno de los sueños que no pudo concretar en vida, cantar en inglés, s s s ♪ >> vámonos ahora con eduardo rodríguez para que nos hable de las condiciones del tiempo parte de la nacion sigue cubierta de nieve >> efectivamente el 65% hemos preparado el mapa está cubierto de nieve, en diferentes espesores, del oeste al noreste y centro, muy poca parte del sur de los estados unidos mantiene la superficie cubierta de nieve, tenemos la nueva tormenta invernal, no hab hay probabilidades de tormentas, pero hay acumulados de nieve, la lluvias ha estado afectando gran parte del sur, nueva orleans, lousiana, alabama georgia, las primeras horas de la mañana advertencia de inund
Dec 12, 2012 12:00pm PST
the gunman's rifle not jammed. >>> torres, man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. we are joined outside the courthouse and this is his first public appearance. right. janine. >> reporter: we have not seen him in court since the spring. i almost didn't recognize him. he was arraigned on three new charge that is he attempted to kidnap women back in 2009. garcia-torres stayed in court and was officially notified that the new kidnapping charges. he looked vastly different. his hair has grown out and he looks thinner. he was arrested for the murder of missing teen, sierra, lamar. three additional charges were added to the complaint. he was trying to kidnap three women in the safeway parking lot in 2009. >> several people helped search for sierra and they say they are frustrated that he didn't enter a plea. they said it was important to come up to the hearing. >> he always waits at the door and you hear the chains. it is like, come on, buddy. come out. stop being such a coward. he needs to face up to what he has done and he is going to. it is coming, right. >> reporter: the
Dec 3, 2012 9:30am PST
chair from the public utilities commission. >> yes, art torres member of puc and other members. thank you very much for being here. we make a very legionary and strong quorum on this rainy day. >> okay. >> and of course our general manager is here as well, har an kelly and the staff of the puc. >> thank you. i want to thank sfgtv for their work broadcasting this meeting, and madam clerk if you could chair with us your announcements. >> please make sure to silence all electronic devices. speaker cards and any documents should be submitted to the clerk. >> okay. do you want to call the roll? you call the roll on puc. >> yes. >> president torres. >> here. >> commissioner. >> here. >> commissioner moran commissioner caen and cortni are both excused from today's meeting. >> okay. that serves as items one and two. let's call our hird item. >> third item opening remarks and expectations for the joint meeting. >> okay. actually let's just call -- let's just call items four and five along with that and we can have our opening remarks that will cover all these items. >> item four is gene
Dec 23, 2012 10:30pm PST
torres. just a clarification on the action item before us if there is one or for the later meet something. >> the sfpuc commission agenda provides for them to discuss and take action, so our understanding is that the commission secretary would call the roll for the sfpuc so that they could vote on this agenda item for lafco it was just a discussion item. >> thank you. commissioner vietor. >> yes and i appreciate all the public comments that have been made and the comments too from this body and all of the work that the puc has done. i have been on the public utilities commission for four years plus and i know this cleanpower sf issue -- i think it's been eight years, nine years in the coming, and when i came on there was really this sort of sense that the puc wasn't stepping up, that the city didn't care that we weren't moving quickly enough and he we are at this opportunity to really move things forward. i think it's really remarkable and i think we all now recognize with hurricane sandy, with the inclement weather and the winter we're having now that climate change and renewable powe
Dec 13, 2012 4:30am PST
in san jose. 21-year-old antolin garcia- torres looked very different. his hair has grown out and antolin garcia-torres is accused of trying to kidnap three different women in 2009. he could enter pleased and has yet to enter a plea in the disappearance and killing of sierra lemar. >>> and there is a rush for holiday deliveries and they want you to be careful when placing your who'll say shopping. it gives criminals more opportunities to strike. >>> one ups store advices against home deliveries if you are gone. >> go on ups t- called my choice and reroute it to is the nearest ups and just give your i.d. and pick it up. talk with your driver about a more discrete place to leave your packages. >>> more than 93 million americans are expected to travel. it is up 1% and self of them will be driving -- several of them will be driving on highways. >>> if you are travel on pacific, they are threatening to withhold food and even smiling greetings from passengers. it is all because of a pay dispute. they want a 5% raise but the airline is offering 2%. the cabin attendance said if it doesn't work th
Dec 10, 2012 5:00am PST
garcia-torres is due in court on several charges. he is scheduled to enter a plea this morning charged with three attempted kidnappings that occurred in march of 2009. we will have a live update. >>> he was the last see and he was working on restoring his tore rick boat. mattingly's boat was still there but there was no sign of him. >> it is going to be rough to come down here and police will decide if they will search the water once again. >>> they are asking auto workers to avoid the fiscal cliff. the president will chair, after rallying for his support plan. they are raising taxes to help reduce the federal deficit. president barack obama met privately with house speaker john boehner over the weekend. it was the first meeting on the fiscal cliff crisis and the new point of views some are now expenses. runders -- renters may be dealt with by san francisco landlords. they would have to find out if it is option until. if passed it will move tonight full board.$♪. >> legislative leaders are holding a vigil to protect funding for a job center in west oakland. they say jobs and unemploy
Dec 13, 2012 10:00pm PST
to compete against him. >> we're up to the challenge and looking forward to. >> andres torres returning to san francisco. he and the giants agreed to a one-year, $2 million deal. torres was the leadoff hitter for the 2010 championship team. >>> high school basketball, top recruit aaron gordon facing travis high from texas. game would go to overtime, less than 20 left. the layup. 54-53 travis. gordon off the inbound. this for the tie. in and out. travis wins 56-53. gordon held to 14 points. >> that time of year. >> indeed. >> see you at 11:00.
Dec 18, 2012 10:00pm PST
' mouths. that day, she taped three students. >> i was angry. >> i was sad. >> reporter: torres claims this was not the first time faculty crossed the line at antioch charter academy. another teacher admitted to placing a chair over armando's body and sitting on it to keep him from moving. >> so she was stuck under the chair. >> reporter: we contacted the principle. she met with us offcamera and says this is a personnel matter being investigated. >> reporter: the family says that is armando's teacher apologize. they made the recording days after the incident happened. but so far, she has not been punished. >> she's still working there. >> reporter: torres is homeschooling her children until antioch academy takes action. as much as they miss the school, they worry about seeing her again. >> i feel scared that they tape me again. toll plaza was supposed >>> the man who gunned down his ex-girlfriend and her friend at a richmond bridge toll plaza was supposed to be sentenced to death today. instead he was granted a delay until next month arguing he wasn't adequately prepared. he is acting
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am PST
cantante tommy torres por la muerte de su mamÁ que la encontraron muerta, lo sentimos mucho, nuestras condolencias a Él. >>> un saludo y ojalÁ que puedan sobrepasar esto. >>> gracias a alejandra. y lili estÁ de vacaciones. y muchos preguntaron dÓnde estÁ rodner. y me dice nuestra productora que estÁ en su quinta vacaciones del aÑo en paris, francia, y que estÁ poniendo fotos. y yo trabajando aquÍ por navidad. >>> raÚl, no puede ser. >>> gracias por estar con ♪. >> investigamos una fábrica de ropa, donde los trabajadors dan puntadas de sangre, el maoyr anhelo de este niño es viajar en avión ,a lo mejor usted puede ayudarlo, ahora mismo en primer impacto extra . >> bienvenidos a primer impacto extra, una de las historias que más impactó el 2012 es esta, lo que muestra que en la fábrica de ropa los trabajadores son víctimas de atropellos, que sucedfen en conocimiento de las autoriddes, dondese dan puntadas de sangre . >> parece una cárcel, pero no lo es ,lo que sucede detras de las rejas se asemeja a la realidad que se vive en muchos penales del mundo, lo p
Dec 12, 2012 11:00am PST
-old antolin garcia-torres in court. he looks different than when he was arrested in may after investigators found dna connecting him to sierra lamar he's still waiting trial in that case. today garcia-torres was scheduled to enter a plea on attempted kidnapping charges from another case in 2009 but that did not happen. he returns to court in february. >>> new developments from portland. authorities just identified the shooter in that deadly mall attack. the sherr sreufs the shooter is 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts they say he used a stolen rifle from someone he knew. he was trying to kill as many random people as possible before his gun jammed. the clackamas town center was crowded with shoppers yesterday when again fire erupted. >> telling me the suspect was here i've got multiple shell casings. >> he looked like he was on a mission. >> so far police don't have a motive. in a surreal moment the mall's santa could be seen running for his life with hundreds of other scared shoppers. >>> condemnation continues to pour in after north korea launched a rocket. the united states and european al
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
year lamar returned to court today. the 21-year-old did not enter a plea as expected. garcia-torres arrested in may on charges of murdering the 15-year-old. her body has never been found. she vanished on the way to school. garcia torres was charged today with attempted kidnapping, stemming from another case in 2009. he's expected back in court in february z at a preliminary hearing today in san francisco, an occupy protestor ordered to stand trial on five felony counts including assault with a deadly weapon for lobbing bricks at police from an occupy building. police say one brick thrown by a 34-year-old hit a protestor in the face. he's accused of two felony counts for assaulting a cop and felony vandalism. he is being held on half a million dollars bail. >> bay area is in the middle of a so called king tide. that is what it sounds like. it's the highest tide of the year. you can see this flooding this moshing in highway 101. it occurs when sun and moon fall into alignment that exerts pull, also winter storms. one woman rides her bike to work from the city. >> this is floding and i
Dec 12, 2012 11:30am PST
video of 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres in court. he looks different than when he was arrested in may after investigators found dna connecting him to sierra lamar he's still waiting trial in that case. today garcia-torres was scheduled to enter a plea on attempted kidnapping charges from another case in 2009 but that did not happen. he returns to court in february. >>> new developments from portland. authorities just identified the shooter in that deadly mall attack. the sherr sreufs the shooter is 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts they say he used a stolen rifle from someone he knew. he was trying to kill as many random people as possible before his gun jammed. the clackamas town center was crowded with shoppers yesterday when again fire erupted. >> telling me the suspect was here i've got multiple shell casings. >> he looked like he was on a mission. >> so far police don't have a motive. in a surreal moment the mall's santa could be seen running for his life with hundreds of other scared shoppers. >>> condemnation continues to pour in after north korea launched a rocket. the united st
Dec 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
sierra lamar. the judgep ordered antolin garcia-torres to return -- judge ordered antolin garcia- torres to return to court wednesday to enter a police in the case. >>> new at 6:00 p.m., the bay bridge toll plaza is about to get a face lift as part of the grand opening of the eastern span. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us with how the transformation may or may not effecting your commute. tom? >> reporter: commuters paid for this $6.5 million project a long time ago but now it will happen very, very soon. >> reporter: for commuters the toll plaza is a familiar site. that look will soon change. >> the exterior will get replaced with panels and they will be in a white culler to watch the -- color to match the building and that is designed to compliment the white color of the new east span of the bay bridge so there is a consistent design them. >> reporter: those colors coordinate with the cargo cranes that port of oakland. it would happen between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. >> the inconvenient will be small. the work is being done up above the traffic lanes. >> reporter: at the last g
Dec 11, 2012 4:30am PST
antolin garcia-torres is accused of. he also tried kidnap three other women in 2009. antolin garcia-torres will enter a plea in both cases. 25 years to life. the woman convicted of killing michelle le, that is the sentence for giselle esteban. the judge said giselle esteban has shown no remorse for killing her friend. michelle le's family attended this hearing and had this to say. >> maybe she will never feel remorse and if she did, it will she has something in her that shows she is a human being. >> giselle esteban killed michelle le because she believed she was having a relationship with the father of her child. >>> they talked about whether to except a $2.50 per pound from fish brokers. they will decide whether they want to stay at a $3 per pound price. the strike started wednesday after fish brokers moved to drop the price of fresh crab. >>> they are looking to make it illegal to grow medical marijuana outdoors. he said his plants smell bad and she has posted flyers to show up at the meeting. now the man who owns the plants is a medical marijuana card holder and he plans to bring his s
Dec 5, 2012 6:30pm PST
arco del equipo, ahora miles de ellos le dieron su Último adiÓs entre aplausos y porras, raÚl torres amplia >>> como el Último gol que evitÓ, como el Último vuelo que tuvo. como el Último campeonato que les dio. asÍ le cantaron gracias campeÓn. ♪ o le, o le, campeÓn, campeon♪. >>> al huracÁn el estadio de los tusos del pachuca, llegÓ por Última vez pi gmiguel calero y a con una misa le dijeron adiÓs. en las tribunas igual que antes se emocionaron con su valor, atajadas, hondearon las banderas del pachuca para el colombiano. >>> que como se va, que siempre se queda en el corazÓn, siempre tenemos un espacio kwguardado pa Él >>> el partido mÁs difÍcil de su vida no pudo ganarlo, una trombosis terminÓ la que vida de miguel calero tenÍa sÓlo 41 aÑos en pachuca sus compaÑeros y miles de fanÁticos lo recibieron como se recibe a un hermano >>> el carisma que tenÍa para, para convivir dÍa a dia con el grupo, eh.... el profesionalismo, la entregÓ pues eso, es muy difÍcil de encontrarlo junto en un ser humano >>> algo muy doloroso para todos los que hemos compartid
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
cigarrillos de la droga frente a la torre aguja espacial de seattle... ---la nueva ley prohbe el consumo pblico de la marihuana, con pena de multa, pero no haba policas a la vista, y los asistentes soplaban el humo ante la presencia de periodistas... ---el dilema ahora es... que haran las autoridades federales ante esta ley, ya que a nivel nacional es ilegal el uso de la droga. cesar ---primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48 pero en breve, take vo ---hay malas noticias para la familia de un hombre que se extravi durante una tormenta de nieve. take vo ---una organizacion asegura haber encontrado quimicos que causan cancer en ciertos productos para bebes.. detalles al volver. segment ends cesar ---dos semanas despues de haber desaparecido en medio de una tormenta de nieve en nevada, un hombre de sacramento fue hallado muerto y su novia fue hospitalizada tras sufrir congelacion en algunas extremidades take vo ---la pareja salio de sacramento en un vehiculo todoterreno la noche de accion de gracias hacia las montaÑas de nevada ---la camioneta se atasc y el hombre, roderick clifton, salio a
Dec 7, 2012 6:30pm PST
estÁ detenido uno de ellos edwin torres estÁ cambie randz c cooperando con las autoridades. segÚn su confesiÓn sa la din los secuestraron y lo forzaron a retirar 500 dÓlares de un cajero automÁtico antes de asesinarlo. >>> y si fuese cierto, entonces hay que matarlo. eh yo entiendo que aquÍ no hay razÓn para matar a nadie. >>> puerto rico con una poblaciÓn de casi 4 millones de habitantes y con la segunda fuerza policÍaca mÁs numerosa despuÉs de nueva york atraviesa una ola de violencia que nadie parece poder detener la tasa de homicidio es mÁs de cien mil persona, por cada habitante superior a la de mÉxico que el aÑo pasado alcanzÓ 24 hombre ic por cien mil habitantes >>> voy a utilizarlos recursos estatales y a nuestra disposiciÓn ponga el gobierno federal para lograr que las calles donde transitan sus hijos y los mÍos sean pamÁs segura >>> ricky martin y otros cantantes han comenzado una campaÑa llamada "todos somos josÉ enrique" y el 15 de diciembre se harÁ una marcha por la paz en la la isla. >>> el presidente de venezuela hugo chÁvez regresÓ hoy a ese paÍs
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
enfrenta mas cargos... take vo ---antolin garcia torres de 21 aÑos esta a la espera de un juicio luego de su arresto en mayo pasado luego de... segun las autoridades... haber encontrado su adn en conexion con la desaparicion de lamar... ---ahora los fiscales lo acusaron de intento de secuestro de tres mujeres en 2009 cuando garcia torres tenia 17 aÑos. blanca ---primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48 pero al volver, take vo ---miles de personas en el area de la bahia rinden homenaje a la virgen de guadalupe. take vo - cesar ---cual es la mejor fecha para casarse? para algunos fue hoy.. enterese por que al regresar.. segment ends blanca ---como ya es costumbre, esta maÑana en san jos cientos de personas se dieron cita para cantar las tradicionales "maÑanitas" a la virgen morena en la iglesia "nuestra seÑora de guadalupe". stop for nats take nats 8 seconds nats ----con el inmenso fervor que caracteriza a los devotos de la virgen del tepeyac, se entonaron cantos, alabanzas y agradecimientos por los milagros concedidos. ni la lluvia, ni el frio amanecer impidieron que fieles de todas las
Dec 21, 2012 6:30pm PST
torres explica. >>> el camino es largo y cansado, su destino, sÓlo una estrella lo conoce, por eso siguen y por eso le cantan. esta noche la pequeÑa amaranta carga a marÍa y josÉ, los peregrinos que buscan en la posada porque el niÑo jesÚs esÁa por llegar, un buen corazÓn los reciben y pasaran la noche en un pequeÑo pesebre para el mÁs humilde los reyes y asÍ serÁ durante los 9 dÍas. >>> es la gestaciÓn de la virgen marÍa >>> entonces comienza la fiesta. pero esta es la eterna lucha entre el bien y el mal, y los mÁs pequeÑos, los mas inocentes serÁn los encargados de vencer al demonio. >>> tienes que pegarle con fuerza o sin fuerza? >>> con fuerza. >>> y por quÉ con fuerza? >>> para que se rompa la pi snav piÑata >>> porque las piÑatas con colores y 7 picos son las maldads, y son los niÑos quienes deberÁn romperlas, las lehr mah maldonadoes haces 40 aÑos hacen estas posada >>> se destruye cuando se le pega la piÑata y caen los dulces, vamos a recibir nuestra gracia >>> y todos las quieren romper porque adentro hay frutas y dulces >>> porque me gustan las piÑatas >
Dec 24, 2012 6:30pm PST
, con el Ánimo de alejar, para que la mÚsica suena mÁs fuerte que las balas raÚl torres tiene la historia. las notas salen de su corazones pequeÑos si sus almas inocentes y suena mejor con sus sonrisas, algunas sin dientes otras que esconden travesuras asÍ toca la orquesta juvenil renacimiento. >> en cada niÑo o niÑa buscan un renacimiento aquÍ en acapulco. asÍ se llama la orquesta y la colonia aquÍ pensamos en la mÚsica, casandra toca el violÍn "chel "chelo". >> porque los carteles de las drogas reclutan a niÑos y niÑas de esa colonia. >> estÁ muy bien, es muy bonito tocar y aquÍ mÁs en compaÑÍa de todos. >> si es cierto que la mÚsica calma a las fieras con sinfonÍa quieren calmar a lo que es el crimen organizado. >> es que en la colonia renacimiento y por todo acapulco los disparos, muertes y el dolor se escuchan mÁs que la mÚsica. como un himno de a alegrÍa quieren cambiar el sonido de las balas por el de la mÚsica mÁs de 300 personas es una parte de la orquesta. >> nuestra labor tienen entre 8-10 aÑos y soplan con toda la fuerza en sus pulmones como el
Dec 26, 2012 6:30pm PST
vandalismo en la toma de posesiÓn de enrique peÑa nieta, raÚl torres nos tiene el reporte. >> apenas suman 48 horas pero el hambre comienza a ponerlos dÉbil, su ayuno serÁ de 4 dÍas asÍ exigen la libertad de sus familiares encarcelados el 1 de diciembre cuando estallÓ la violencia en la ciudad, ese dÍa mÁs de 100 personas fueron arrestadas de la ppor la policÍ hijo enrique participa en el ayuno, dice que su padre no tenÍa que ver en las protestass. >> lo Único fue hacer es comprar un chips para su celular y le tocÓ estar en el momento. >> asegura que fue arrestado cuando defendiÓ a un joven que era golpeado por la policÍa. >> Él grita y un oficial voltea y se le fue encima. >> marcos fue arrestado el 1 de diciembre cuando se manifestaron contra enrique peÑa nieto, puede puesto en libertad junto con otras 55 personas mÁs, ahora apoya a los que dejaron de comer. >> siento un compromiso con ellos porque no pude haber quedado. >> si son encontrados culpables los detenidos podrÍan recibir penas de 5-10 aÑos de cÁrcel, tambiÉn piden que se cambie la ley para que el delito deje d
Dec 13, 2012 5:30am PST
, commissioners torres and moran and vietor passed the plan. and supervisors provided constructive feedback on the communication plan and urged us to move forward quickly. and we are seeking to authorize the additional task orders that would not exceed the $1.4 million. and this would allow puc to take an extensive communication effort and target eed residentsn phase 1 are aware of the program and its costs. funds associated with the contract would be utilized for city-wide telephone surveys and grassroots programs like environment now, and for television, and advertising services, for graphic design services and other types of outreach for the education of the cleanpowersf program. it's our commitment based on the feedback from you and the board of supervisors to ensure that the customers know what this program is. and how that opt out. and if they choose to stay with the program to understand the features. in closing in the last meeting commission moran had asked questions of how to reach out to other community programs. the board of supervisors offered the following program, that during
Dec 20, 2012 8:00pm PST
". >> president torres. >> yes ms. hale i wanted to go along the comments by the current chair and supervisor olague as well. part of the challenge we with with the stem cell industry is put in plain language the consent form and one of those experiences that we just had was with a young lady, who i can talk about now because she went public, one of the spinal cord injuries in the stem cell trial was that the medical language was so complex in the consent form that it needed to be improved so someone couldn't come back later and say "this patient was under emotional distress and of course they choose to because they didn't know what the consequences and side effects are" and this is not as serious as that, but it begs the question to make sure that the language is understandable english and in addition i don't think you're limiting the mailers just to the three languages of chinese, english and spanish; right? >> no, i don't think so. >> so you're including whatever languages are used by the city and county of san francisco in the distribution of election ballots for example? >> yes, as lon
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 312 (some duplicates have been removed)